About the Clinic

Slievemore Clinic

Allergy services at Slievemore Clinic began as a part-time facility in 1984.  Over the years this has evolved into a highly specialised and resourced unit with flexible fiberoptics for assessing nose and sinus allergy, spirometry to assess lung function and the latest anti-allergy therapy, Rhinolight (see below).

There is a wide range of allergens for testing, ranging from common provocatives such as house dust mites, pollens and animal hair.  We also have an extensive range of foods for testing which includes a full complement of nuts (peanuts, walnuts, cashew nuts etc); fish and shell fish.

For patients with problems in the nose and sinuses we have an Olympus ENF Type V2 fiberoptic that produces instant images.  This helps us understand the issue better and how to manage it.

Rhinolight phototherapy for nose and sinus allergy (including some types of allergically driven nasal polyps).   The clinic is the first in UK/Ireland to introduce this revolutionary new treatment for nose and sinus allergy.

The fees for our services are not (unfortunately) covered by any of our national health insurance agencies.  You can reclaim some of the fees if you have health insurance so it’s important to hold on to your receipts (we charge for copies if you lose them).  Also, you can claim health costs against tax on the Med 1 form (ask your accountant about this or read the advice on the Revenue website).

Overseas health insurance companies may cover the fees but it’s up to you to check this with your insurer.


  • You do not need a doctor’s referral to make an appointment. 
  • Accurate allergy testing using quality assured extracts sourced from Bio-Diagnostics UK.
  • Serum IgE and RAST (a simple blood test) back up if needed but especially when a serious, potentially life threatening food allergy is identified.
  • Where there is any suspicion of potential food induced anaphylaxis, confirmatory opinion and strategy management can be arranged with a paediatric allergist.
  • Nose, sinus & throat inspection.  Using an Olympus ENF Type V2 fiberoptic we can assess upper airways (from the tip of the nose right down to the vocal cords) and confirm findings with colour digital images.  For example, this is invaluable in deciding if your nose obstruction is due to deviated septum, swollen nasal tissue or even (in young children) enlarged adenoids at the back of the throat. 
  • Suggested treatment strategy.
  • Specific anti-allergy treatment fact sheets depending on test results.
  • Result interpretation.  In other words we explain what is wrong and how we think it can be put right.
  • Latest therapies: we can suggest, explain and arrange for immunotherapy.  This is explained in more detail in the Can your ‘allergicness’ be altered section of this website.
  • Rhinolight U/V phototherapy for nasal & sinus allergy (including some types of nasal polyps).  This is explained in more detail here.
  • Selected specialist referrals: if we can’t make you better we choose an appropriate specialist to take over your care.  If we believe your nose and sinus problem might be better treated by surgery we’ll choose an ENT surgeon in whose skill we have full confidence.

We can accommodate two patients from the same family on the same day but this must be booked in advance so extra time is allowed.